The Best CW Shows (That Aren’t Arrowverse Series) To Stream Right Now


The Best CW Shows (That Aren’t Arrowverse Series) To Stream Right Now

Here are the best CW shows that you can stream right now.

What REALLY Happened to The Flash TV Show

After The Flash Season 7 and the conclusion of the Godspeed saga, it’s safe to say the show has jumped the proverbial King Shark. But why?

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After The Flash Season 7 CW show finale, it makes a fan wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes. Nonetheless, the Flash Season 8 has already been confirmed. Starring one of DC Comics most beloved characters, what wild thing or faster speedster will they have Grant Gustin chase after as Barry Allen next?

Tom the Boss (EP) – Michael Schroeder
Sarah – Dina Cataldi (
Chad – TJ Smith (
Phil – Brian Fisher
Bob – David Odom

Meghan Murphy
Alex Ryser
Jordin Overton
Taylor Frost
Joey Kramer

Written by Michael Adams Davis & Michael Schroeder
Directed by Michael Schroeder
Produced by Brian Fisher and David Odom
Cinematography by Michael Schmidt
Production Design by Taylor Frost
Grip – Joey Kramer
Makeup by Jena Mogensen
Sound by Michael Faner
Edited by Chance Cole

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Brian Fisher (
David Odom (
Michael Schroeder (
Ryan Tellez (

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Oliver Queen roasting people for 7 minutes (Final version)

This is (probably) the complete and final version of every Oliver Queen roast in the Arrowverse in chronological order. Thank you for the support in the previous two Oliver Queen roasts video, I hope you enjoy this one.

All rights go to The CW and WBTV

Arrow 1×01
Arrow 3×08
Arrow 4×04
Arrow 4×10
Arrow 4×17
Arrow 5×02
Arrow 5×03
Arrow 6×17
The Flash 5×09
Arrow 8×01

Eobard Thawne meets Harisson Wells Deleted Scene | Crisis on Earth-X Crossover

Eobard Thawne meets Harisson Wells Deleted Scene | Crisis on Earth-X Crossover

Credit :

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Arrowverse all Batman References (Updated)

Arrowverse Batman References (Updated) Part 1
Direct/indirect Mentions,Easter eggs,name drops,and obscure references to the dark knight himself,Bruce Wayne A.K.A batman
From Arrow,The Flash,Legends of tomorrow and Supergirl!

A lot of reference have come out since this video came out if you want to see those references check out this video: &t=1s

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