10 Shows You Should Stream If You Like The Walking Dead


10 Shows You Should Stream If You Like The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is just one of countless TV shows about zombies, the apocalypse, or both at your disposal. Here are some other shows worth streaming.

The Walking Dead (Season 1) – What’s the Difference?

The Walking Dead’s mid-season premiere is coming up soon, and to celebrate, we’re taking look back. All the way back to the comics that inspired the show. We’ll look at the first volumes of Robert Kirkman’s comic, side-by-side with the first season of the AMC show, and tell you: “What’s the Difference”? Subscribe: http://goo.gl/9AGRm

A lot changed in adapting the Image Comics ongoing graphic novel series for the small screen. From major character changes (Hi, Merle and Daryl!) to plot tweaks, we’ll go through every difference between Season One of The Walking Dead, and the comics that inspired them – get ready to get informed!

Have you read The Walking Dead Comics, or are you only familiar with the show? Did The Walking Dead show inspire you to pick up the source material? Are you looking forward to the upcoming midseason premiere on AMC? Did you enjoy our exhaustive rundown? Do you have other bits of The Walking Dead trivia you’d like to share?

What other works would you like to see us explore on What’s The Difference?

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Welcome to What’s The Difference, where CineFix takes you step-by-step and page-by-page through all the differences between your favorite movies & shows and their source material. Adaptations are a tricky game, something always gets changed, added, or omitted in the process. Come back every other Wednesday for more What’s the Difference!

The Walking Dead Has SIMILAR Shows You NEED To Be Watching!

The Walking Dead Has SIMILAR Shows You NEED To Be Watching!

Welcome back to Film Craze. The series finale of The Walking Dead just recently started. It is definitely a bittersweet feeling for fans of the hit zombie series as after 11 seasons, it finally comes to an end. Well, to somehow ease the pain, here are Tv series similar to The Walking Dead you need to watch!

There have been a lot of zombie TV shows in previous years. But perhaps none did not have a huge following the same as AMC’s The Walking Dead. With TWD about to end, let’s begin hunting for Tv series similar to The Walking Dead you need to watch!

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5 Titles To Watch If You Love ‘The Walking Dead’ | Binge Guide | Rotten Tomatoes

Five Shows Like The Walking Dead

Top 10 Zombie TV Series

What You Wish Would Happen on the Walking Dead

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Prepare for Walking Dead’s finale by reliving your favorite scenes — or, at least the scenes that would have been your favorites.

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Most Popular The Walking Dead Characters (2012 – 2019)

This numbers aren’t 100% accurate. Data based on Google searches.

Which is your favourite character?

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Rameses B – The Walking Dead (FREE)

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Ammount Search Tool
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1) I gathered data from walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/TV_Series_Characters. The .csv files containing search interest values were downloaded from Google Trends for every character.

2) Ammount Search Tool determined the average monthly search volume for every character.

3) The number of searches per month for each calendar year were proportioned based on official reports from Google.

4) Data modeling through an algorithm invented by me to obtain the most realistic data possible.

5) Search interest values and proportioned monthly search volumes were placed in Excel for calculations.

6) The data was placed into Flourish Studio to create the data visualization piece.

7) Image and audio assets were added with Wondershare Filmora.